Love is in the Air

A celebration of fashion, art and food.

This is an excellent event put on by Dr. Auliana Poon and her team, and very welcomed in Tobago” – Secretary of Tourism

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Fashioning Our Future

Leve 2019, celebrates our environment, our people and our unique Caribbean lifestyle.

It’s really about fashioning a future that we want. We have to admit that we are not as nice to the environment as we could be…

Cup of Joe, May 2019

A Festive Fashion Feast

Last year, Tourism Intelligence International (TII), under the passionate Dr Auliana Poon, hosted the event titled “Leve,” celebrating the incandescent creative arts and the incredible potential of the human resource.

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Free-Spirited Charm

“The world wants what we have… Let’s create a pathway so that they can get it! The first step is a bridge between tourism and the creative industries… But first we must love who we are as a people… Because they love us!” – Dr Auliana Poon, TII

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For the Love of Tourism

Auliana Poon does it for the love of tourism. She eats, breathes and sleeps tourism and she believes in her heart that T&T can become a leader in this sphere, if only it would begin to develop its people.

Dr Auliana Poon has spent a great deal of her life working on creating steps to sustainable tourism. Her work in this field dates back to 1986 when she held the position of senior economist at the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO).

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A Culinary Journey

Our visit to Brown Cow was courtesy the Leve-Global Media Familiarisation Tour, an initiative of the Tourism Intelligence, under the stewardship of its founder Dr Auliana Poon. The Sunday Guardian got a chance to chat with the busy chef who shared with us his journey of becoming a “conscious” chef.

Lévé “was an extravagant experience which opened Brown Cow Restaurant and myself up to a much wider market within Trinidad and Tobago and potentially much further than our shores”.

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A Cluster of Exceptional Brands

Leve is the patois word for “stand up” or “lift up.” The event is aiming to promote and feature “the best that TT has to offer.” Villa Being, which was hailed by Forbes as “the most fabulous vacation villa in Tobago”, will provide the backdrop of style, elegance, romance, nature and sensuality to … portray a cluster of exceptional brands in fine art, fashion, cuisine, culture, rum and rhythm…

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Let’s Lévé!

Tobago has long been one of those destinations… frequented by the discerning set.

This was the place to be seen at; Lévé was the most sought-after ticket on the island.

This is Lévé — we uplift, we celebrate the best of our country…
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A Tobago Wedding Story

“Love is recession-proof and there is no better place to fall in love and say ‘I do’, than Tobago…” — Dr Auliana Poon, International Tourism Consultant and managing director of Leve-Global.

The wedding months of May, June and July are approaching so close your eyes for a moment. Firstly, assume that the travel woes between Trinidad and Tobago are alleviated (latest developments are in support of this). Then, imagine that you are a blushing bride not a conventional one who sticks to routine. Your wedding is set in Tobago amidst the picturesque hills in quintessential resort, Villa Being, nestled in Arnos Vale, Tobago. A paradisiacal ambience provided by the Villa’s easy-going but exotic accommodation and natural themed amenities…

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Dr Auliana Poon is on a mission to prove that the Caribbean has everything that it needs to put itself to compete globally.

Leve, held at Poon’s luxurious and exclusive Villa Being in Arnos Vale, is an annual event aimed at promoting the talents of Trinidad and Tobago’s artisans and putting them before prospective buyers and investors.