Press Launch of Lévé 2017

Check out this video coverage of the press launch of Lévé 2017.


A Festive Fashion Feast

Last year, Tourism Intelligence International (TII), under the passionate Dr Auliana Poon, hosted the event titled “Leve,” celebrating the incandescent creative arts and the incredible potential of the human resource.
TII posits that the marketing and positioning of the talent of a people is - READ MORE


Express Woman - Free-Spirited Charm

The world wants what we have… Let’s create a pathway so that they can get it! The first step is a bridge between tourism and the creative industries… But first we must love who we are as a people… Because they love us!” – Dr Auliana Poon, TII.

She was very candid about Trinidad and Tobago’s great potential as a - READ MORE


Lévé Offers a Cut Above the Rest - Trinidad Guardian

Two master minds of fashion native to T&T have aligned to make their mark branding Caribbean style and presenting it to the world. One is master artist / tailor Sir Andre Ramroop and the other is - READ MORE

Lévé in the Guardian Newspaper


Let's Leve

Fringe event to Tobago Jazz Experience promises a special culture/fashion/cuisine Caribbean experience

Leve 2017 was launched at Dianne’s Tea Shop on Long Circular Road in Port-of-Spain last Thursday (March 2) and promises to be an event to highlight Caribbean fine art, fashion, cuisine, culture, rum, rhythm, and even chocolate (Cocoa Republic has signed on) in one space — all as a forerunner fringe event leading up to the Tobago Jazz Experience, which takes place April 22-30.

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Other Press Coverage - 2016

The Trinidad Express


TSTT (Telecommunication Services of Trinidad and Tobago) participated in the recent launched at Villa Being, Arnos Vale, Tobago the event titled, Lévé, which is a fashion gala at the Villa showcasing the best in local coture, art and elements of local culture.  Read More 

The Newsday


CARIBBEAN couture will meet Caribbean chic when designer Claudia Pegus and Dr Auliana Poon, of Tourism Intelligence International, present a luxury lifestyle event titled Leve, as a fringe to the Tobago Jazz Experience (TJE). 


Jamaica Observer


Tobago has long been one of those destinations kind of like Grenada — frequented by the discerning set. Getting there this time sans PJ was cause for initial concern, but with CAL flights to and from Tobago literally every 20 minutes from Piarco International