The Lévé Menu: Made in Heaven – Worth Dying For

Lévé is an exposition of international fashion and Tobago’s heritage, culture and cuisine that will be held at Villa Being on Sunday 23rd April, 2017.  

One of Lévé’s aim is to uplift the cuisine of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean – to show what can be done with the natural and abundant ingredients that we have locally. And who better to do this than the young, talented, passionate and visionary Chef, Adrian Cumberbatch. Chef Adrian’s mission at his Cook Caribbean Company is to elevate, educate and entertain.  

Now, it is a while ago since we were limited to the choices of cuts of meat available to us (usually the less desirable parts, like pig foot and chicken foot) that we got from our ‘masters’. It is also a while ago since our diet reflected what was imported (salted cod or salt fish) rather than what is farmed locally (crab, king fish, lobster, etc.). Now that we have access to better and more wholesome ingredients, we need to think ‘outside the pot’ and look at creative ways of preparing our local dishes rather than just seasoning, stewing, currying, boiling and frying everything.  

In raising the bar on our Caribbean cuisine, it is critical to use our ingredients in innovative ways – to respect them, to know where they came from and to understand the good that they can do for our bodies. We need to celebrate these ingredients, prepare, combine and cook them in different ways.  

Chef Adrian has taken the natural ingredients and dishes of Trinidad and Tobago and transformed them into mouth-watering and pallet-tantalizing renditions, delivered in 11 movements. These include lobster souse shots (recipe attached), chow lollies, Rum Peppered Goat Tenderloin and much, much more.  

Lévé Menu 2017

Hidden Treasures

Plymouth Rock Lobster Souse Shots  

  Glory Wood Smoked Bonita Bruschetta on Cassava Toast   

  Dwight Yorke Molasses Glazed Chicken Tenders with a Mango Aioli  

  Geera Sweet Potato Fritters, Spicy Coconut Curry Sauce (V)  

  Cucumber and Pineapple Chow Skewers (V)  

Discover Tobago

  Tobago Spice Rubbed Mahi-Mahi, Pumpkin & All Spice Chutney  

  Mini Curried Crab & Dumplings   

  Rum Peppered Goat Tenderloin, Shandon Beni Chimichurri    

Sweet Sweet Scarborough

  Benne Baklava  

  Sugar Cake Panna Cotta  

  Tamarind Gauteaux  

  Chow Lollies  

Chef Adrian Cumberbatch

At 35 years old, Adrian Cumberbatch has emerged as one of the premier chefs in the Caribbean. He is currently the Captain of the National Culinary Team of Trinidad and Tobago. Adrian’s love and passion for food developed when he just ten of age, assisting both his mother and grandmother in the kitchen.   

Chef Adrian’s, superlative talent and his passion for taking Caribbean Cooking to the next level, is perfectly aligned with the goals of Leve – to uplift (elevate) talent in all of the creative sectors, including culinary arts. 

Chef Adrian is currently focused on building his company, Cook Caribbean Inc., whose mission to Educate, Entertain and Elevate Caribbean Cuisine throughout the world. Adrian sees it as his personal responsibility to empower the next generation of Caribbean chefs. 

Chef Adrian has taken his skills into the competitive arena.  In 2010 and 2011, he competed for the Trinidad and Tobago Culinary Team at the Taste of the Caribbean competition, where he was voted the Country Chef of the Year for both years consecutively.  Adrian was a member of the planning team tasked with opening the Trinidad Carlton Savannah Hotel. From 2011-2013 Adrian acted as Executive Sous Chef at the Magdalena Grand Beach Resort in Tobago, and in 2013 he took on his biggest assignment yet, as the Executive Sous Chef at Hyatt Regency Trinidad, catering for functions of up to 5000 persons. 

Chef Adrian earned an Associate degree in Culinary Management at the Trinidad & Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (TTHTI) in 2001. He worked as an apprentice on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and later joined the Barbados Five Star Fairmont Glitter Bay & Fairmont Royal Pavilion Hotels in Barbados as chef-de-partie. There he trained under some renowned chefs from around the globe, including Chef Rich Lee, Chef Michael Harrison, and Chef Jean-Claude Plihon, just to name a few.  

Chef Adrian looks forward to wowing your taste buds with some of his culinary delights.  

Recipes from the Lévé Menu

Recipe 1:

Lobster Souse Shots (Serves 20-25 persons). Perfect for Lent  

1 5lb Rock Lobster Tail 

2 Cups White Wine  

2 Limes 

2 Sprigs Shadon Beni 

2 White Onions Diced 

1 Cucumber Diced 

2 Pimentoes 

5 Cloves Garlic 

2 Red Onions Julienned 

3 Sprigs Chive Finely Chopped  

Salt & White Pepper to Taste  


Poached lobster tail in shell in boiling water with wine and salt for 10 Minutes. Remove and let cool. Dice in small cubes and set aside. Add rest of ingredients to lobster and marinate for 2 hours before serving.   

Recipe 2:

Benne Baklava (Serves 15-20 persons) 

1(16) packaged phyllo dough 

1 pound chopped nuts 

1 cup butter 

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 

2 cups sesame seeds 

1 cup water 

1/2 cup molasses 

1 cup white sugar 

1 teaspoon vanilla extract 

1/2 cup honey  


Preheat Oven to 350 degrees F.

Chop Nuts and toss with cinnamon and sesame seeds. Set aside. Unroll phyllo dough. Cut whole stack in half to fit pan. Cover phyllo dough with a dampen cloth to keep from drying out as you work. Place two sheets of dough in pan. Butter thoroughly. Repeat this step until you have 8 sheets layered. Sprinkle 2 tablespoon of nut mixture on top. Then top with two sheets of dough, butter, nuts layering as you go. The top layer should be 6-8 sheets deep. 

Using a sharp knife cut into diamond shapes all the way to the bottom bake for 50 minutes until golden brown.  

Make the sauce with sugar and water until sugar is melted. Add sesame seeds molasses, vanilla and simmer for 20 mins. Remove benne baklava from oven and spoon mixture over. Serve.