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Welcome to Lévé The Event at Villa Being, Tobago

Welcome to Lévé The Event where exceptional Caribbean lifestyle is celebrated at its best. Villa Being is the official location of Lévé the Event.

Lévé celebrates the creative excellence of Tobago and the wider Caribbean. It heralds an uplifting of spirits, products, destinations, people and exceptional talent.

Be mesmerised by the stunning views, fascinating nature and. Awesome architecture at the official location of Lévé the Event – Villa Being. Villa Being provides the canvas for showcasing exceptional talent and creativity. Be awed by Caribbean style, elegance, romance, nature, views, vistas and sensuality, making Villa Being a perfect fit for Lévé the Event or to celebrate your special event.

Celebrate in Style at Villa Being

Lévé Aims to Elevate and Celebrate All Things Exceptional and Caribbean

Lévé is a creole word that means to ‘lift up’, ‘uplift’ or ‘elevate’. Lévé aims to elevate and celebrate all things exceptional and Caribbean. Lévé draws on the aura, beauty and excellence of the Caribbean – fine art, fashion, cuisine, culture, rum and rhythm, and most importantly, the energy and talent of our people.

This invitation-only Lévé event reflects a coming together of creative excellence. It aims to uplift spirits, products, destinations, people, passion and talent. Lévé is more than an event. It is a movement – a movement that sets the stage and provides a platform for the marketing, promotion, sales and export of the best talent and exceptional products and experiences from the Caribbean.  

Leve 2016

A Fine cluster of Exceptional Brands and Talent of the Caribbean

Lévé is one of the initiatives of our not-for-profit Leve Academy (a member of the Leve Global Group).

Lévé is the only Caribbean event that combines the creative industries of music, fashion, fine art, culture, cuisine, rum and rhythm into one exceptional event at one of the most fabulous locations in Tobago – Villa Being.

Lévé presents to the world a fine cluster of exceptional brands and talent of the Caribbean. Lévé aims to create a marketplace to exchange ideas, products, creativity and talent, and importantly, to grow the linkages between tourism and the creative industries. Lévé aims to showcase, promote and market the exceptional Caribbean Lifestyle.  

MEET THE creative crew

Auliana Poon

Founder & Creative Genius

Kevon Wilson

Logistics Rockstar

Richard Young

Creative designer & Copy Guru

Allison Poon

Master of Ceremonies

Roseline Poon

Director of Making It Happen

Dominique LaRoche

Coordinating Ninja

Lincoln Leander

Guest Liaison

Vanna Girod

Buzz Curator

Kerron Riley

Digital Content Trailblazer

Tomley Roberts

Art Curator

Dexter Banfield

Graphic Designer

Sherma Mitchell

Media & Communications Specialist

Wade Caruth (aka CJ)

estate keeper

Carlina Jules-Taylor

Happiness Coordinator

Brent McLetchie

Derron Scotland

Dance Leader

Why Lévé?

There could not be a better time to Lévé – to lift up the Caribbean to the world. In this economic and global environment, we need to lift up and promote talent, to create new markets and earn foreign exchange. We believe that it is not the energy in the ground (oil and natural gas), but the energy of the Caribbean people that will drive its success and sustainability.  We need the world to ‘feel’ our energy; and to Live the Caribbean.  

Our Aim

The Lévé Academy aims to uplift talent in all facets of the tourism and services industries; to demonstrate that valuable linkages can be created between tourism and the creative industries; and to develop a marketplace where talent and great products can be more firmly integrated into Caribbean lifestyle and its valuable and growing travel and tourism industry.  

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Leve 2017

Celebrate in Style at Villa Being